What Donald Trump MAGA Policy helped Black Folks ...?

It’s a simple question

There are some Blacks around who blindly support this Misfit , Twice Impeached , Mysoginist , Tax and Draft Evading , Insurrectionist , Racist , convicted Felon and Criminal facing 91 Indictments for Crimes and Misdemeanors in 4 Jurisdictions …

Bure Kabisa …:rage:

Substantiate your claims. This time round, blacks are voting for Trump enmass. Watu wamechoka.

35 Million very confused hardcore MAGA morons are voting for Trump with another 25 Million Undecided , Former Nikki Haley or Conflicted Voters abstaining or Voting for a Third Party Candidate …

Trump will need at least 35 Million of President Joseph Biden’s Democratic Votes for a clear win …

It aint happening … :blush:

VOX POPULI , VOX DEI … :rofl: :joy:

Biden is on record advocating for mass imprisonment of blecks and druggies. His son is a meth and cocaine addict who even smuggles the powder into the Whitehouse. Let him start with him.

Kamala is another anti Bleck cunt

FYI, Trump is the biblical antichrist.

Halafu have you noticed these libtard (liberal reta…ama acha tu) leftists have fetish with hating Trump. Imagine mmekaa pahali mnarelax mkipiga stori zenu then out of nowhere, a leftist anaanza “oh Donald Trump racist! Donald Trump mysoginist! Donald Trump dictator! Donald Trump antichrist!..” and so on and so forth. Unprovoked outburst. Its like a mental illness. I never see Libertarians engaging in such outbursts about the thing called Biden and his motley band of pedophile LGBTQ “climate change” imps, orcs, gremlins, trolls and ghouls.

Mehn… :grimacing:

Anyway, wajibambe, free speech and such…

Niggas 4 Trump

This is why… niggas wanaona he is one of their own kushikwa ovyo ovyo

MAGA 2024!