What does Tony Blair want in Tanzania/East Africa?

In a span of a little less than 3 months he has come to East Africa more than 15 times.

He hasn’t gone to Nigeria, Algeria, Zimbabwe, Central Africa Republic or DR Congo.

Sasa huku EA anatafuta nini huku?

Si kuwafira.

Tz has a shitload if natural gas that Magufuli was trying to renogitiate on behalf of his country but he was murdered like a burukenge for foghting for Tanzania’s rights.

Oh well.

Same thing his ancestors looked for. Resources.

Tanzania has proven natural gas reserves of 57 trillion cubic feet,[5] with at least 49.5 trillion cubic feet of those reserves far offshore in the Indian Ocean.[6]

Mozambique has proven gas reserves of over 100 trillion cubic feet.

Siniliwambia kimundu gîkî ndio rais wenyu mkakataa?
Ruto will gain more votes lakini muthungu hatakubali kamwe!
The dark kafirondo age is here my frendz.

He’s an economic hitman

Mozambique is suffering from terrorism.

Blair is the modern day Tiny Rowland

I don’t think TZ intelligence is that weak

They’re probably playing him…

But Tanzanian has never been really that Western leaning tangu kitambo, I doubt they will fall for these traps.

Hata ngombe ziko na pembe ukamuliwa



That is how he befriended Gadaffi, the rest is history. Those people and their entourages are spies

Hitman, Pombe angekuwa bado hai, Blair angekuwa anakunywa spirits na konyagi 1

Pengine Ana penda nyama choma. There was a ambassador called Hempstone. Jamaa Ali penda nyama choma paka askashindwa kurudi home when his gava recalled him. Moi had to kick him out.

Fuck the British they are worse than saitan

Blair ni consultant wa George Soros

The obvious reasons. Tony Blair huwa broker for multinationals na some govts.

On a related note, saw Osumba accompanied him on his TZ meet up with Mama Suluhu.
Happy for the guy. Jamaa divorce nearly fucked him up for life.
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African leaders wanakuaga kama tu lanye lanye hivi wakiskia mzungu anakam. niggas cant say no or ask why they are coming