What does the Nation mean?

Mr Trump stated that he did not want to meet ever again with someone exhibiting that trait, the London-based newspaper reported, citing three unnamed sources for the disclosure.

If Mr Kenyatta offers a more vigorous presence at today’s meeting, that could be a positive prospect for US-Kenya relations, the Financial Times suggested.”

The first part makes no sense to me. What trait are these people referring to?


This was in reference to Nigeria’s Buhari whom Trump described as"Lifeless"

Ok! Doesn’t he know the health status of Buhari???.. Ama ni ile ignorance ya drump?

:smiley: ngombe ni ngombe tuuu, hata ikuwe birrionea kiasi ngapi…

What did he expect?
Someone to crush his hand in a firm handshake and hold his shoulders like Macron does?
Buhari is literally a dead man walking.

FT is a European paper and editors there are not in favour of the tough love trump has instituted on the European parasite economies. Any advice they give Uhuru should be ignored


Trump wants to meet someone lively, with whom they can discuss some pussy grabbing probably.

:D:D I bet incase Buhari drops dead in a few weeks/months Trump will quip “I told you so!” to his aides

wewe na Trump


Kenyans don’t play that! They “grab” the honey pot with the instrument made for that purpose. Uhuru is liable to slap him kumbaff for wasting time with that nonsense…:smiley:

He should have died a long time ago.