What does the African Want?

This interview was done 4 years ago in Lagos. Much has happened since, but much more remains the same, so it’s just as relevant today.


Didn’t watch lol

The wailing afroconscious njaruo. Giving lectures n shit. We wuz kangz, we wuz.

Like a typical Luopean he received a $1000 bribe from Mbarire akaanza kuzusha ati hio pesa ni zarau.

And then he was a Raila asset going after Raila’s enemies.

Cant stand this idiot and his fake accent. Somebody who thinks its OK quoting the racist Churcill at every turn is definitely a low-IQ riverine Kavirondo specimen…


I think it’s clear who the idiot is, Sir.

The whole of Africa is listening to PLO, if for you the “false accent” hides the message he is preaching, you are the idiot.


Niaje Guka? I can see you have begun stirring the waters in the kijiji cha fossils and some impotent geezers are not amused.

If Kenya was a Luo country it would be a HIV-infested shithole coz you guys are a special breed of stupid except for a very small minority. You neighbour the largest fresh water lake yet your poverty levels are like those of NE. Your skuma and potato’s come from Molo because you are too busy engaging in unprotected sex to farm. Your population has declined from being second to fifth because you can’t internalise simple shit like wearing condoms. Kazi nikushinda mkirukaruka kila mahali kama nyani eti Tinga, Jakom. Bure kabisa. Sisi tulipigana na mapanga na huyo mzungu mnapenda kulamba matako…