What do you think about this type of mortgage


Ripoff ….you will end up paying off 5 times the cost of the house

I wouldn’t wish to hand down a debt to my children and their children in the name of a 60 years multi generational Mortgage. This ka guy is just some ambitious marketer trying to get Zakayo’s attention by claiming they can raise 5 Billion dollars for hustler fund. Plus I don’t buy the story ati he took a 1,500 bob hustler fund loan and gave a guy who started a business of selling eggs. Just repeating the hustler fund lies Kenya Kwisha wants to hear. Kupatia mtu 1500 ya bizna lazima ungechukua hustler fund loan, yet you have access to a 5 Billion USD portfolio?

mechanized infantry ya BABA hatutambui madeni

Hakunanga watu mimi huogopa kama wasee wa masuti za “Turkey” na kizungu mingi. Why would any reasonable person dress in a suit mpaka na necktie in the tropics? They are the best charlatans you will ever encounter. With the exception of Manu Chandaria and a few others, sijawahi ona msee wa masuti who is straightforward. Most if not all of them are two faced lying scumbags well versed in thievery at their places of work. Kwanza upate msee wa masuti na ni CPA. Biggest skunks you will ever meet. Ogopa sana. Talking of CPAs, kuna kazi ingine hao wasee hufanya other than reaping where they never sow? I should know being a CPA myself.

40 year mortgage is fine. But passing on debt to your kids is not.

That guy is a crook. Even his body language is betraying him.

Thank your starts for chatGPT those charlatans will be the first to go. I’ve noticed even in our company the finance department is being reduced to bare minimal. Scumbags wote

I don’t know what the scallywags will be doing seeing as it is that most of them don’t know how to fish. Wanataka tuu kuvaa masuti waende kuongea kizungu kwa biashara za wengine