What do you think about my web design?

Link ni www.pynerds.net , I am highly open to critics.

Weka porno ya gaaay uta attract Uwesmakende na pharmacy

…Keep the good job.

When it comes to web design, the search bar is an essential component that allows users to quickly find the content they’re looking for. However, if the search bar expands fully, it can take up too much space and make the overall design look amateurish and cluttered. Here are a few tips for working on the search bar in web design so that it doesn’t expand fully:
[li]Limit the width: One of the easiest ways to prevent the search bar from expanding fully is to limit its width. You can do this by setting a maximum width for the search bar container, or by using CSS to set a fixed width for the search bar itself. This will ensure that the search bar takes up only the space it needs, without overpowering the rest of the design.[/li][li]Use a toggle: Another option is to use a toggle or a button to expand the search bar only when the user needs it. For example, you could add a small magnifying glass icon that, when clicked, reveals the search bar. This allows the user to quickly search for content without having the search bar take up space when it’s not needed.[/li][li]Consider placement: Where you place the search bar in your design can also have an impact on how much space it takes up. Instead of placing it in the header or menu, consider placing it in a sidebar or footer. This will still make it easily accessible, but it won’t take up valuable real estate in the main content area.[/li][/ol]
By using these tips, you can ensure that your search bar is functional and easy to use, without expanding fully and taking over your web design.

I guess AI still has a long way to if I can spot it content from a mile away.

It has very huge squares ama ni pictures

Safi kabisa lakini remove the unnecessary stuff like the big squares/pictures which do nothing

Squares are too big, too many colors too. It’s responsive, so good work.

Very valuable feedback.

Also, make use of divs so that you have a landing page, middle page and an end. Pia umeambiwa uko juu na AI iyo search bar is quite too long.

…Hii ni AI msee:D:D:D

Nice efforts though I would think you should go easy on the colours and consider page anchors.


I did several changes,. saa hii iko ajy watu wangu?

saa hii iko ajy?

Kuna typo. Word administrator

Not bad if its your first site but it lacks design consistency in terms of alignment and patterns (centered, left aligned, ect).

  • Navigation Bar: needs equal spacing and elements located in traditional locations ex. search bar to the far right and the pages sandwiched in-between the logo and search bar (follow best practices before experimenting).
  • Mid grey blocks are visually terrible to look at, try light grey or leave the blocks white.
  • The hero image doesn’t inspire me to continue scrolling (not attention grabbing)
  • What the call to action for this site?
  • Research the 60, 30, 10 rule when it comes to color and ui design.


i would remove the search icon on the left and move it on the right the tutorials column could be centered
am not a designer

If I was you I’d do away with the big image headers hizo wachia video za youtube. Kama kitu si link ama haina function yoyote isipokuwa decoration remove it. make it as simple as ktalk ama instagram na google. Strip it down kabisa , uongeze content alafu design utaimprove with time. Anyway that’s my opinion sasa ongeza python content.