What do you think about a Men Only Bank/Sacco

  1. How does patriarchy support pedophilia? Expound on this.

  2. We have told women not to sleep around, hadi tumeanza kuwaita hoes, but that hasn’t deterred you from sleeping around, so if you get a kid with a man who has no job and can’t provide, whose fault is it? If you are the one who suffers the most the common sense dictates that you be very careful who you sleep with, but ona sasa mnafungulia kila mtu miguu. I keep on saying, its high time women learned to take responsibility, can’t blame everything on men.

It’s not a position of privilege, its suffering…when God said man’s punishment was that he would have to sweat for the ground to produce anything He really meant it. And few men are willing to sweat. Hao ndo wanabaki kule chini…

Ukiendelea hivi hutaishia pazuri

As a man, you can still get a loan from that Kenya Womens Bank (KWFT) ask @uwesmake. Mofo is a Loan Facility manager there. Please read Hosea 4:6.

I know that verse off-head. It’s not ignorance, if you understand business then you understand that a company name means a lot, and you are supposed to pick a name that reflects what you do…If my company is called “Denny furniture” you dont expect customers to flock there looking for utensils even though i may be selling them too. Likewise if you name a bank “Kenya women’s bank” don’t expect men to be flocking there looking for loans.

Niko na Loan ya 22m from KWFT.

currency ni ya Zimbabwe?

Venezuela mdau.

Even in business unafikiria tu micoondur ,it must have spoiled you seeing your mother alitiwa sim 2 and she is there looking at you like nakutafutia maziwa . That destroyed your developing brain into the slime junk you have today .