What do you think about a Men Only Bank/Sacco

I came across this post kwa page ya huyu lanye. Yaani corporates zinafungua programme ya kusaidia females only. Boy child is meffi to their eyes.

I was thinking, me and my fellow birrioneas tukishikana tufungue a men only sacco or a microfinance where we shall be giving small loans/capital to men itakuwa good idea.

Men need a place to get low interest loans na juu Kenyan men wanajua kujituma, many will change their lives. Many need low amounts of money to start something and move on with life.

I have had guys come to me needing just small things like machine za kinyozi, machine ya car wash, power tools za kujenga, a motorbike etc. I have helped wenye nimeweza and they pay me back even before deadline ifike. Mwingine all he needed was 5K akaendea T-shirt akazihang kwa wall flani. He sold and paid me within a few month. Saa hii biz is booming hadi akafungua stall.

Is there any legal implications mtu akitaka kufungua na ku-run kitu iko based on one gender? Nataka ikuwe such a way that from administration, secretaries to cleaners ikuwe ni men only.


chapia mgtow campaign polepole

Hakuna haja. Men are higher beings who understand that customer ni customer regardless of gender. Most of these female-centered “banks” don’t gain traction anyway.

The Mwangis, the Kenyattas, and the Ndegwas received tens of millions of USD last year in dividends from their banking investments. Haja ni pesa, sio mwenye anadeposit/withdraw/chukua loan. Ukienda Equity the manager will look at your credibility to determine whether you qualify for a loan, not your gender.


Alafu muite hio sacco Pharmacy Gaaay Microfinance Ltd


Then they Headhunt @uwesmake from Kenya Women (KWFT) to come and chair the board. Kazi nikusalimia all the intern dudes that they employ without paying them. End-year corporate party itakua tu Cock fest.

Men benefit from life in general, in ways that women will never.
Yall want to be victims so bad , complaining of gurl empowerment when girls are the biggest percentage to not complete education due to teenage pregnancy.
And women are not safe even after marriage bcz when men divorce the wife, they also divorce the child because they want to see their children’s mother struggle, kids be damned.
And all banks are owned by men.
its a patriarchal society

After board meeting Wana piga circle jerk kupitisha decisions

ESG buana
@Aka mpole kuja utueleze kuhusu ESG
mzungu akiona female empowerment…

What is the percentage of boys who do not finish school? And what is the percentage of girls that do not finish school? Check the data, you will be surprised, there is barely any difference between the percentage of boys who drop out of school and the girls who drop out.

“When girls are the biggest percentage not to finish school due to pregnancy”, at the same time we tell girls not to sleep around, that’s when you start with “my body my choice”,“why is it okay for men to sleep around and not us? We want equality”…These are the answers you get from women when you try to tell them anything. At some point you have to take responsibility.

It’s simple, go to court, say and prove that the man does not want to spend time with the kids, utapewa child support.

All banks are owned by men coz they were started by men, and men generally work harder than women…You want men to start banks and give them to women? Are you dumb??

It’s a patriarchal society built on competence not tyranny. You enjoy the things you enjoy now because men have broken their backs and die everyday so you can enjoy these things, be grateful. Things are getting better and life is getting easier compared to our great great great grandparents’ lives, if this is the case then why is patriarchy such a bad thing? If patriarchy is a bad thing then how come we are enjoying all these benefits?

Well said, very horrible business plans that’s why they don’t gain traction. I can’t imagine starting a business and locking out 50% of customers.


It’s a society built on oppression of women and denial of human rights for women. Women could not open an account or vote less than 100 years ago and it is and has always been a mans world, never been a level platform.

the few men who realised that Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere including Christ, wanted to make a difference bcoz they did not have fragile masculinity where strength of men is and has been based on weakening women and denying them opportunities even to own land and go to school.

The platform is getting aligned slowly but you feel threatened to see women and girls progress even a bit because fairness is a threat to your fragile masculinity

Well we have to be specific, tell me how exactly women are being oppressed specifically by men…be very specific with your answers so we can go over them one by one.

Sawa. wacha nianike izi vitu narudi but meanwhile drink some changaa to open your mind

Majority of people suffering are men, it is a very competitive world for men and majority of men don’t make it. You cannot take the 1% of men that are succeeding and you ignore the 99% of men that are suffering. Go to the streets and count the number of homeless men out there and compare it to the women, go to prison and count the number of men in there and compare it to women, go and check the people who have to make a living digging pit latrines and working in dangerous mines often dying in the process and compare it to women, angalia ni kina nani wanavuta mkokoteni and just breaking their backs trying to eke out a living. I am not saying women have had it easier, but to say we made it because we oppress women is a fallacy. Check the data, you will see it is men suffering the most.

No one is weakening any women. One does not just start a business and succeed overnight, it takes years and years of sleepless nights, it is EXTREMELY hard. But you have to realise a lot of times the advantage that men have is that they don’t have a biological clock, unlike women, maybe no one told you this but as a woman you have a very brief window of time to get your shit together, school, graduate, job, rise up the ranks which takes years, family, you have to figure this stuff quickly out and its very bloody complicated coz again not a lot of men are attracted women in their 30s. This stuff is very hard to figure out hence a lot of women just find a guy that is doing well and settle. The advantage you have as a woman is you can find someone to settle with if you are broke, if I am broke no one will want anything to do with me; so if you and I are put on the same playing field you bet your ass I will outwork and outcompete you.

This is what lazy women say, the hardworking ones are CEOs and building businesses. You do not even know or understand the circumstances that made it so women could not own land, or why it was preferable to have boys than girls…stop being a victim, get your shit together, anzisha biashara and sell quality goods and services no one will stand in your way. But of course being the lazy woman you are you’d rather sit on the couch and complain about men.

Huna washing machine na dryer? Kumbe naongea na pauper.

Izi vitu unasema ni za ukweli zote ubaya tu ni self reflection is lacking on you coz guess who established unfair systems that end up harming men? Yes MEN did.
and this systems benefit that small percentage of men lakini the rest tuko nao pale latema wengi penye mi hutega.
The only way the rest of men benefit is that partriachy supports pedophilia and deadbeats and that strengthens men coz they don’t suffer either. We don’t have that chance to abandon the burden of children, we r the singo madha malaya

You can say that of course from your position of privilege as a man.
But its mans world even if Tabitha keroche is a ceo. the rest are singo madhas that u detest and we are lazy

I want u to become my customer … but sio soo moja. Sina kakitu mimi