What do you regret not doing in your 30s?

Seeing that we have some old geezers around. What would you do and not do f you had your 30s all over again?

I mean, apart from finally understanding what Jesus was really about (like I think I did), I’m wondering what, on hindsight, you would have dedicated yourself towards during this period of your lives?

My thirties were a blast! I hope I dont regret them later in life.

If I went back tom 30s son, I would buy land like crazy. No, not bonds. Not shares. LAND.

Yalll bring those experiences sisi watu ya twendi tujue which hoops to skip na zile tuzama ndani ile design ya @rexxsimba anazama ndani ya zile momo zake za sj

Mimi ningeambia mtu mdogo teens na twenties to relax and just let life happen. So long as you dont waste your time in school or get mixed up with drugs and crime, maisha itakupeleka poa tu.

Make some money. Please.

Enjoy the girls kabisa. And even when you grow older, remember your past lovers. Usiwatupe wakikuomba. And cherish the new lovers too. Be discreet.

Halafu pia to remember Good News Translation: Psalms 127:2. Enjoy yourself.

Girls: Never miss a chance.

Money: Give to family when you can. They can and will stand by you always.

Invest: Land like guka says.

Life: Let it happen.

PS: if you can and have the chance,get a mentor…most important.

Regrets: Never,ever have any. You will become bitter.

not stopping smoking

wenye hatujafika 30 tuseme aje , leteni hizo experiences zenu we learn

Here to learn from the best

Do not waste time idling. Do something , position yourself doing constructive things even if pay is not guaranteed. You never know where your income will come from eventually . Learn a trade, plumbing, electric , mechanics . Learn…
Do not idle .

Land. 10 years ago plots at KBC kangundo road were 30,000/- what we did not know was that an acre next to koma shrine was going at 30k. I should have bought 10acres and chilled.

Landing there in Dec. Fossils mtuelekeze

Fedha Estate all the way to Nyayo. We were offered plots at 50K. Fifte… Saa hii hata milioni tano haipati 6x4 huko…

I wish I had logged off Ktalk.

Regrets :

  1. Never buying land when it was cheap yet I had the cash.
  2. Never marrying early. I wasted part of my time and cash pleasing local girls


  1. Save every cash meant for too much beer into something rewarding . You will appreciate your efforts baadaye. Hata kama it’s 2k ya beer every week put it into something.In one year it might be 96k and returns maybe atleast 10k.
    2 @It’s Le Scumbag mentioned , invest in people . Give some to needy relative , needy orphanage. It pays. Somesha hata kama ni mtoto mmoja wa orphan
  2. Don’t forget your parents. Treat them with love and respect as they age. Soon you will be where they are now and would want your children to do the same. Karma…
  3. Choose your friends wisely. Surround yourself with people who help you grow.

pewa mbilli mboss
mzazi ndie wa maana sana

you know you are old when you start reflecting on the past, hio imepita, focus on the present and dream of the future

Endeleeni kuchangia. 27 year old taking notes here.

#2 kuna some who take advantage and feel entitled.Siku hizi ni wazazi na siblings pekee. wanaingia kwa hesabu yangu,extended family potelea mbali

Ulioa at what age?