What do you do for a living talker?

We have narrated our escapades with hoes and D materials encounters but we have never narrated our financial journeys.
We have alot of birrionares at ktalk, some imaginary (no need to start names) others real .we also have those struggling to make it like our 9 k salaried cyber attendant.
If we have narrations on how billionaires like @ChifuMbitika made it from zero to something atleast some imaginary ones can take notes and follow that path to prosperity.
Boys who inherited property and business from their daddies can also share how they squandered it with hoes or expanded the father’s empire.

Hio gabbler ndio gani? Anyway my career is non of the above

This thread should be pinned

Gabbler ndo ni pnya gani iyo?


:smiley: am a silly kamba professor forgive me sir , I meant gambling like those boys whose career is placing bets


I think I’m the only peasant in this village. Controversial businessman on 8k salo. Jack of all trades.

We know you are a hooker

Sema “I”. Be confident and stop using plurals like a coward when confronting someone. It is an online forum for fuaks sake sijui hii uoga ni ya nini.

So you confirm the mentioned. We know you are a hooker.

Plumping ni kazi gani hiyo

That’s why I have stated we narrate ,give us notes master

Thirimavi please don’t spoil the thread before we get some good notes on how billionaires came to be here , I will create a thread of sexual orientations tommorow were your input will be valuable

Coordinator wa save the children nitaftie kazi huko pia

Let me teach you a lesson. Huku hutawahi pata any of that valuable information voluntarily. You have to outsmart/trick people to get information from them. Kuuliza watu directly about their hustles and how much they earn NEVER works. Ukiuliza maswali kama hizi directly utangoja sana.

I recommend that you find a smarter way of getting that information.

Nimetick hapo kwa mbiachara

Mkamba una mehe mehe mingi sana. You say you are a self made mirrionare, start us with your story sere.

Professor wa nini? Ndumba ama simping.:D:D:D:D

Gabbler na Plumping labda ndio Zangu coz sijazielewa. I ticked them.