What do you call this?

I have a friend that has this weird sexual habit. The guy can’t date “normal” women. He chooses the the ugly,dirty,homeless and village women. He is loaded so it’s easy for him to lure these women.

Last year alone amehama 7 times because of the drama the women would cause at his current residence. When he shifts to a new place he starts with ladies that hawk coffee, melons, sell smokies, laundry ladies and waitresses. He is a cunning guy. He spoils the ladies with shopping,money and promises to marry them. In return they give in and allow him to do whatever he wants to them. That is until they realize he is playing them.

The guy can pick a homeless woman together with her kids from the streets, get them into a guest house and spend the night having his way with her. I have researched online and I haven’t come across anything like this.

This dude is attracted to misery. He says that only vulnerable and “dirty” women can make him enjoy sex. He accepts he has a problem and in 2016 he started seeing a therapist. It didn’t help. I introduced him to a certain pastor and it didn’t work out too. What are your suggestions?

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Mwenye kumroga alikufa,hakuna dawa.


You know the right person to ask. Ule msee wa kuwahi roadkill.
Jaza mapengo
mchagua k …a si m…ji

Sema tu ni wewe huko Mwea, panya buku wewe


Fetishes can be weird. Ask @culture to say his again


I hope “your friend” uses CONDOMS. [SIZE=5]AIDS IS REAL[/SIZE]

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Just a little insecure boy who is intimidated by women he assumes are of a higher class.


pastor can’t solve his problems


You are your friend.Sio??


Mchagua kuma si mtombaji

uwes hukula rachets chafu na sijawai skia amesumbua ama kucomplain siku ata moja



You know too many details about this “friend.” Could it be you? Sema usaidiwe…


“That is until they realize he is playing them”. Aje?

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“your friend” = you

Baby panya huyu ni wewe

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At the Nairobi University foot tunnel that goes accross uhuru highway/ waiyaki way, there used to be a homeless lady. She was dirty, unkempt and everything that pertains such. However there used to be a middle-aged man who would park his car close by during dark evenings and take a loaf of bread to her. He used to do it almost everyday, to a point that the lady got accustomed and would actually be glad to see him. He would then take her to his car. She would come out happy and excited ofcourse with a loaf of bread and some few notes. It went on for a few weeks until the guy stopped coming, then some time later, the homeless girl showed a pregnancy bump… :eek::eek::eek::D:D
The guy was never seen again.


That habit is not consistent with the use of condoms


hehe.tunaulizana nini @Guru na ulinikataa

Ugly women are very very good in bed.