What do you call these Household Decorations? Talkers saidieni plz


Tall, thin, sharp pointed wooden sticks with some decorations, arranged like a bouquet in a clay pot.

Zinaitwa aje?

If you also know where I can get them, will appreciate!

Thanks in advance!

Ngong Road past Kenya Meteorological Department on the RIGHT side heading to the Lenana School turn. You can get them there

Hapo nyuma ya The Junction mall.

Potted dry arrangement.


Really? Coz I’m searching on OLX na sioni kitu kama hio…

EDIT: Make that right side not left


Ngong Road, on your left side, past War Cemetery (if you’re approaching from Junction Mall).

Toothpicks…any supermarket

hizo vitu nikienda out na bibi anapenda kuzinunua sijui hata ni nini but vile wewe ni homosexual @Smith_ naelewa wewe ni bibi kwa hio rlship

kuna vitu zingine mwanamme hafai ajishughulike nazo at all

he could be an interior decorator/designer na ananukisha kitunguu ukijaribu kuonyesha u-macho man hapa…

Hehe, I’m not an interior designer but I’ve got a taste for good designs/ideas/concepts/ finer things… Wanna take that for some spare corner I have which I feel would do with some embellishments… And not potted plants, which require watering/ lighting… Bado sijapata jina :D:D:D but I already have a shortlist of places I’ll go looking for them. Maybe those guys will tell me… Thanks y’all for the pointers so far

House of Leather hapo Bomblast

:D:D small mercies. Some of us would be living in homes that look like a bombast site if we were not married. We appreciate everything wives do to the home for us. If only they would learn to STFU

He has asked what are they called?Not where to get them?Kwani hamjui kusoma?

sasa umesaidiaje?

Get a nyungu, and dried Eucalyptus twigs and you set to take off as a shuttle.

Finally… Yaay!! Thanks guys!