What do you believe in?

what did you understand in GHC class

I’d rather believe what my forefathers said and what the Bible says over what NASA which is run by freemasons say

A funny thread for low iq bonobos to argue:D

I came to the realisation we believe whom ever is incharge…big up to the people who believe the earth is flat or their is land beyond antarctica atleast they think for themselves even if they may be wrong…just like the moon landings…they were either faked or they are real.

Spoken like a true son of the soil! :D:D

You should either be hot or cold, being lukewarm is very dangerous

Thread closed.

whether it is flat or not sioni vile itaongeza ugali kwa sifuria yangu .

Flat earth society has members all around the globe

I believe that most of the people who claim Earth is flat do so in jest or for clout. The rest of them are just ‘sheeple’.

:D:D guess it’s the reason it can support life :smiley:

@AchanaNaMimi habari

:D:D NASA lies to us. Only the moon and the sun are round. The other planets are circles just like the earth

The earth is a geoid according to how i answered in geography paper 1 mock. I got it right. Hio ingine sijui. But i will by a telescope to be viewing the planets.


I believe that kenyan-list is made up of senile brainless old demented morons with crazy egos. An example is @Meria Mata


Na si mi ukweli?

Kweli education is indoctrination, yani shiit is in your eyes but you’d rather believe what you were taught in school rather than what you see with your own very eyes.

The whole idea of the heliocentric model is to keep Gods people away from God , the heliocentric model insinuates that God does not exist as the whole universe came about by accident, it also suggests that earth is like a grain of sand in the ocean which makes you and me insignificant ,on the other hand the Geocentric Model puts the earth in the center of the universe and God as its creator .

  • Planets don’t exist, those things they call planets are moving stars .
  • The sun is not 243.54 Million Km from earth but rather a mere 6437.376 km
    -The moon does not reflect the suns light , its autoluminescent and humans can’t land on its surface as it is largely plasma

The heliocentric model was debunk in 2018 and none of its advocates have agreed to have a public debate with flat earthers (real earthers)

the shape of earth is not a sphere it is a Geoid/oblate sphere . There is a clear difference between the two