What do these Russians from Chechnya and Dagestan eat to become beasts?

Khamzat Chimaev

Khabib Nurmagomedov

Islam Makhachev

Zabit magomedsharipov

These guys are absolute savages in the octagon.



Ni vile wametrain tangu wawe watoto pia Thai kids huanza Muay Thai Brazilian kids pia wanafanya BJJ na capoeira

They eat polar bear and walrus

I remember this fight against Barboza and it was an absolute masterpiece.


Slavs are just built different. Trueborn fighters. 600 years ago Khabib would be in the Janissary corps killing Romans for the Ottoman empire.

Ni diet. They eat a large and diverse variety of foods.

Sio kama wakenya. Unakuta mjaluo ati kama hajakula ugali hajakula chakula.

These communities still eat their ancient diets which include a lot of animal fat and internal organs. They were also served by the spice routes, so they eat all manner of spices, herbs , fish etc.

Kenya has a massive coastline yet very few Kenyans consume actual sea food. Fish from the sea.

You look at the beef, it’s scrawny cattle reared on desert grass and sewage water. Ukiangalia skwembe ya @Sokwe mtu haina muscle mass ni chicken stick leg. He has never eaten a buffalo’s heart or fatty hump.

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Punguza Popov kijana. I have only one handle kwa hii kijiji na ile kijiji ya wazee.

Chechens are Veinakhs not Slavs

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wrestler Khabib is the true King of Dagestan alifunza ile takataka ya Ireland heshma . i already said no one could beat him in ten years kwa UFC sijui mbona alichomoka .

Dagestan watupatia sasa a heavyweight akuje achangamshe waafrica hapo juu

jamaa alitandika kdf wasita kama jack norris ama chuck power anakuja kuulizana wasee wa ufc wanafanyangaje?

Uzuri my CONSTITUTIONALLY MANDATED AR-15 haitambui u-deadly wake. :smiley:

Genetics plus early training from childhood. Siku hizi the best people in their fields are getting trained by their parents starting at 7 years. Fighters, programmers, pilots, celebs etc, the best of them start early and compound on what their parents teach them

Khamzat Chimaev claims he would run right through Adesanya. I hate to admit it, but there’s a possibility he could be right. Wacha tuone fight yake na Burns then na Usman tuone what next.