What do these people have that bonobos don't ?!


Whenever you buy a Toyota, and other foreign made goods, hawa ndio watu huwa ana help to maintain their jobs, and when the economy is good, we buy more cars, creating more jobs for their sons and daughters.
I would love to see the raw data that some of this companies makes projections with.

We are dealing with BBI for now. Enda huko if we aren’t bonobo enough

They don’t have sons whose highest career aspiration is to clean other peoples’ asses.

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In 2003 China had no commercial high speed rail, so it offered a tender to foreign companies that is Alstom of France, Siemens & Bombardier of Germany and Kawasaki of Japan under the conditions that:

they would build the trains using China’s standard

There would be technology transfer

They would each have to partner with a Chinese equivalent

Materials sourced from China if available

The Japanese realized that the Chinese were trying to use these three companies against each other in order to take the best of each and tried to back off but the Germans didn’t mind and the payday was huge so they chose to stay and regretted it deeply.

Within two years of building the trains the Chinese equivalent companies had learnt and could reproduce those trains. Kawasaki, Alstom and Siemens were no longer necessary.

In comparison,the SGR was built by the Chinese, with their own money but there was no technology transfer and they still operate those trains.Its obvious where the difference is.

My fren why don’t you say it like it is without sugar coating.

Chinese intelligence spent whole nights hacking into the engineers laptops.

The CIA had warned both Japan and German scientists not to to go to China. But the Japanese (kawasaki) felt that the tender was too sweet and juicy to leave on the table and they went with their Shinkansen drawings.

Walishangaa. All the drawings, data, research. … kila kitu, China waliiba usiku. The Japanese went back home crying after being shown the door.

Then came the Germans with their maglev drawings . Same procedure. They left in a huff.

China managed to build their first high speed train with the stolen info but it crashed killing numerous people in 2011. They tried to burry the incident with soil and tinga tingas but the media was relentless.

It is not known how far China have moved in the field of maglev or bullet trains on their own.

Here is the bullet train that China built with stolen Japanese data. It crashed in 2011 killing 40 people.

The Chinese govt. tried to hide the fact that they had built a shitty bullet train by burrying some of the coaches and rails with bodies still inside.


Its true that the Chinese copied their trains and Kawasaki is not willing to let it go especially since most of China’s new “indigenous” trains look like the Shinkansen series but Kawasaki took the money and signed those contracts knowing full well what the Chinese were up to so when you see them complain even today I wonder.

Wish Kenya would have done the same thing instead of relying on one country inviting multiple bidders and lower the price and maybe some tech transfer not the bullshit we have today where even the Chinese still drive the trains that aren’t even electric.

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