What do the 16 to 20 year Olds like?

Was looking to creating an application they can use on their phones that captures their desires and does it totally. What name should I call it and what should it do?


Marijuana and sex


You tell us


you pedophile

Humbwar wewe, that’s a very large market segment

what? targeting children?:D:D:D:D:D

Uliza @under23 he is the closest you can get here. He probably understands that demographic best

nilitoka hiyo agegroup

weka 18-22 ndio upate a good age group
16 ni wagwan

This is actually a research immersion you are doing and you should pay us the respondents. Anyway for the app confine yourself to the 5 pillars of the urban Youth i.e Fashion, Technology, Music/Art, Sports & Entertainment… From there utapata jibu

if you dont capture them at that age then you lose that share when they get to campus, look at the strategy YU used, or how a dirty song like Pewa rungu ukule njugu is a hit , then you will understand, no one need a 30 year old to sing a hit song, will never happen, plus they dont attend shows or spend money on such stuff

Start with something they enjoy and like. Try understand their habits and this might involve you spending time with majority of them in the name of research. Patience will pay off

Teenagers don’t have a personality nor money

create one for your age group. you know wat u like. you know wat your age group desires

I had plenty of money as a teen and so did my peers.