What do Americans Know about Kenya

Jackie Maribe ameanza kazi na vishasha


Why is this b.itch being given a second chance? Goes to show you can get away with anything if you are well connected.

You are a Mental Slave.

Many many Kenyans that have been abroad have been heard commenting on how little westerners know about .ke and Africa, and how much they as Africans knew about western countries right from primary/secondary school curriculum geography,history etc.

Some interprete this as the .ke or African schools curriculum being advanced, wide, gloabal outlook etc

That’s what I also thought until some educationist type talking head on TV here described what a monumental mess it is to have a whole populations schools curriculum tailored for the interests of westerners and former colonialists. A population Facing west as consumers with good knowledge of the “seller’” countries and their products and very little of their own histories etc

Most white people just don’t care about Africa or Africans. Infact I would prefer not to find out what they think about us nisiskie vibaya…

And how did Maribe get a visa with her criminal history???

scratch my back with what you have I scratch yours kind of diplomacy.

Wewe hufikiria America ni heaven where is only the pure can go… burst your bubble purple.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaai wish I never looked in.:Ddying of laughter here:D:D:D:D:DAmericans do not know the rest of the world. They believe the world revolves around them. V stupid folk. If you sit next to them on a plane ndio utajua ujinga. Wakiuliza maswali and they never get the message that we don’t want to partake in their convos.


It’s actually much easier for a person to get into heaven than the US.

Hio ni video ya 2 years ago

Of course Americans don’t need to know any shiet about the rest of world. How many of you know anything about Sudan?

Ningekuambia sensitive stuff but I’ll let it slide. That house in gigiri is more corrupt that you think… and I know

Blasphemy…na wewe ndio hutuletea Bible quotes ukisema dunia inaisha

Sema tu US embassy…

The videos are two years old

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