What did your last relationship teach you?

I think I learnt that if you have no common goals or vision, you will not develop beyond where you began. and because of that, you have no business being together.

i should a fecked her harder

Iam an ATM.

i learnt …

Fuck as much as possible. …

:D:D:D:D:D:D samahan kaka.

They will forget you just focus on yourself

Learn to protect your heart in case things go tits up further down the years. As in pls try and have your own hobbies and friends and importantly cash.
You can never ever tell. I have seen some of the strongest marriages around me crumble and love then turns to hate. Amadioha forbid.

I could have saved alot of money.
Guys if you’re not yet married, wachana na these girls na starehe, build yourself and occasionally reward yourself.
You’ll never regret it. True story.

Not realistic even if you wanted to and you know it! :smiley:

Always look out for your interests first. And love yourself more.

I have never had a real relationship. As in ile ya girlfriend and boyfriend that lasted long enough for me to learn a lesson.

I learnt that relationships are power games.Ensure you learn about how to get yourself more power

-Have self control
-Do not commit to anyone except yourself
-Talk less about yourself.Ensure she feels like you robbed her by not talking alot.She will always automatically fill the silences by revealing all the dumb shit about herself
-Avoid initiating sex as much as possible or she will easily know how to control you using that pussy of hers
-Never trust what she shows you she is,find out about her past and see what she is hiding(there is alot you don’t know about her)
-Vaa CD! Watu ni wabaya huku nje jo!
-Read as much psychology books as possible so that you can see through her words,nonsense and alll that crap

That women are shit
They’re bound to screw stuff up
They’re crafty and mischievous

I learnt ferk and dump get another ferk and dump…

I’ve learnt that 99% of women are not worth the stress and drama they bring in your life. If you are over 35, have money and everything is going on for you, do not trade your peace of mind for anything.
-Never ever reconfigure your life around a woman.

You cannot change an adult, family history matters a lot, if someone tells you what they are at the first instance, believe them

Buda its possible if you make it priority…:smiley: plus it helps to have a horny partner.

I learnt that ukipata kiraka, make sure umetembeza mucakwe vizuri sana on the first date. She’s never yours it’s only that ni wewe uko naye at that time.

It taught me to never entertain “Westernized” or posh men with too high of expectations.