What Did They Know?

Sometimes knowing too much is a dangerous thing. Saitoti, Musando, JM, Ouko, Jullie Ward, Father Kaiser. This list is a mile long. In Kenya its better to eat humble pie na ucheze chini

Julie ward was raped by Moi son. So he killed him to conceal it. But unfortunately hio ghaseeer ilikufa last year. I don’t recall the meffi name but he was safari rally driver.

Nkaiseri, JM Kariuki, Mebei, Jacob Juma, they all had too much inside info that could fuck those in power, the “system” had to come inn…

Jonathan Toroitich

Yah he raped and killed her causing untold suffering to Julie’s dad. Last time I saw the dad in the dailies he looked so old and beaten from being taken around in circles by the govt. Some kenyans are truly above the law lakini cancer haibagui. Jonathan passed away from the most aggressive and most painful cancer on earth: pancreatic cancer.

For the fools currently in power to end up there, Msando had to be killed. That’s why I find it amazing some fools actually believe that Ouru Kinyasa and his ex girlfriend won the last two elections fairly

Habari purple