What did luos do to okuyus to deserve all this hate?


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The problem with this guy is that power has gotten in his head.


but the underlying factor is hate…

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The DP is seriously messing himself up with his mouth and if he does not change, he will lose what is left of his support in the mt.


Does this guy really have any dreams of ever becoming the president?

They have firimbis and the sweat smells from their inherited Trimethylaminuria


wow how original… i bet your mom taught you how to chew foreskin… that’s why you are so obsessed

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Hate is always one way and not both ways…we know…Ojinga 41 vs 1 says who the hater is…everyday all-day…even masufuria kioni na marthare wanahepa Ojinga cult pore pore…Ojingas won’t stomach nothing but Ojingas diarrhea as staple food…

It’s a fact who is obsessed with who doesn’t even bother with them…Ojingas prease…sijui U climbed mt Kenya, sijui marthare is your running mate…lol…someone ain’t bothered with you…eg. who wants to be your running mate…tsk :smiley:

Kura za Ojingas hakuna mtu anataka…who even has a running mate from Ojinga hood…wanajuwa kucampaign kwa omena ni waste of resources

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as usual… your opinions are no different from neurodegenerative dirrhea…in other words, unakunia braincells cripling your intelligence

I thought I responded to distinguished elder @Mikymas and not some riffraff attempting to reply to who never conversed them…desperado…Ojinga is the 5th… :smiley:

we ni meffi bado regardless

And unalia disco matanga jaboya aka fish for sex…aka omena hiv barter trader better known as omena stink mpenda nyuma matako wazi ati nachukiwa… :smiley: Jinyonge hautainherit bibi ya marehemu wa ukimwi for long…okuyu don’t even care to hate u…

Punguza chuki kijana…itakyumiza zaudi ya okuyu…utakufa na uwache okuyu pale pale…direct your energy pale itasaidia familia

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It’s funny how we glorify such trivial matters yet most Europeans and Asians are uncut. Furthermore, their economies are so advanced ata ikifika we can’t dare provoke them

mama yako angeza mbuzi hakungekuwa na tofouti in your clan’s economic and educational value… dont you agree?

:smiley: :smiley: :sweat_smile: … end off…enough said to goat fcuker siring motherfckers

see what i mean… your lack of self awareness indicates low to non-existent intelligence… you spew bs to induce anger. low iq move little ape

Ojinga, the only leader in kenya to incite genocide. Even the horrible moi never stooped so low as to incite genocide. Only Hiddler stooped lower than Ojinga, and even that is debatable. Ojinga is the champion of stooping low in the universe


stop being stupid… blanketing a community with actions and ideals of one man is idiotic… humans are individuals and they react to environmental insults. noogle… if you direct hate at them they will do the same

He’s reached his “level of incompetence”, a level beyond which an individual’s performance begins to deteriorate.

Umesahau Wagalla massacre?