What Corruption and Its Trappings Will Yield In Kenya Soon

In an empty, roofless room, wrapped in heavy blankets against the cold, Mr. Magaqa’s mother spoke about the promises A.N.C. officials made after her son died. His Mercedes sat in a corner of the backyard, riddled with bullets.

She was still waiting for the A.N.C. to solve the killing, to take care of her son’s four children, or even to fix his broken cars.

“Especially the Mercedes,” she said. “It’s destroyed our family, especially me. Each and every day, I see it, and everything comes back.”

Hit Men and Power: South Africa’s Leaders Are Killing One Another.


political parties do not solve ctimes.

In that country if you join the matatu industry, politics or tenderprenuership then chances are that someone will try to eliminate you… ANC politicians from KZN are an endangered lot.