What CBK had promised us

Few years ago CBK released new currency specimen only for them to change to the ones in circulation.

They had also told us that no presidents image will be on the new bills lakini uhuru na baba yake ni nani[ATTACH=full]261197[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]261198[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]261199[/ATTACH]

DJ unasumbua… Leta ammunition ya kutandika muhindi tupate new generation currency…

Those were fake notes specimens developed by idlers on the internet like you.
Which government would be that lazy to issue new currency that’s almost the exact replica of the old altering only the photo?
Learn how to think.

They even forgot to change the date

@Duke of Busia leta mixtape ya septic edition. Pure rootsie rootsie.

The @therapist ako nazo

CBK Governor has only made one mistake since he was appointed. That Jomo Kenyatta portrait on the new currency risks costing CBK dearly. If high court rules against it then they have to tender afresh new currency a few months after spending billions to do so.