What can I learn right now in 10 seconds

that will be useful for the rest of my life

Did you know that when you blink your eyes your anus opens up and closes back. Try now and get back to me

That nobody looks back at the previous year and says to themselves “I wish I gambled more money”

Coca cola is very effective in removing stains on tiled walls or floors.

If you hold your eyeball still with your finger, your vision in that eye will turn completely white?

(Wash your filthy hands before you try it you dirty animal)

…and that when you close your eyes you cant see anything:rolleyes:


That you can steal a mannequin

And car batteries

Only two organs can clean themselves. Your right eye and your left eye.

I think ears do too

I hate people, who have to mentioned the word “anus” in each and every argument. SAITAN !!!

That you are an irredeemable dolt.

You can never sneeze with your eyes open.

Napenda sana :slight_smile:

You can’t sneeze and pee at the same time

but this really any carbonated drink right? its not specific to coke


I don’t know,but it’s very specific on coke…I hear it’s something in their secret formula.Pepsi are a reliable source,right? :slight_smile:

Did you know Uranus is visible to the naked eye? tis’ true.