What Business can I start with 250k

Hi, Pls what business can i start in Nairobi for 250k, i need advise and help

Kula hio pesa Tu ni kidogo sana . Biashara ya smokie na mayai wasee WA kanjo kanairo wameiharibu


Hii ni pesa kidogo sana but if I were you, here’s what I would do:

  1. Identify which crop will be in season in the next 6-7 months with the highest profit margins

  2. Go to the most agriculturally fertile part of the country where said crop is grown and lease an acre of land for about 50k (leasing land is as cheap as can be)

  3. Tafuta an agricultural officer akupatie plan mzuri na umlipe consultation fees

  4. Watch your crops blossom and smile all the way to the bank in about 6 months



Nice but am sorry i dont really understand Swahili,

Buy lube na condoms. Uza mkia

Translation; eat that money

Endelea kufanya Ile kitu ulifanya ndio apate hio pesa.

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eti atafute agricultural officer? uko na mchezo sana elder.

Farming is the worst investment! Mara hakuna rainfal, mara kuna maji mingi!

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I remember the days I drunk all that money!

Phone and Laptop repair Center.
You employ me on a 30% commission on revenue.

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What are you good at?

Ekelea bets…ukiungua iungue…

250 is way too little to start and incubate a business to break even.If this is the only money you have but you still have a monthly income,you can stash the money in a Money Market Fund until it accumulates to a sustainable amount.If you don’t have a stable income,why not opt for a job in the gulf region?Why gulf you ask? Huko hakuna tax za Zakayo,Hakuna expenses and you can maximize on saving with intention of raising enough capital for whatever business you want to start.If you want to start and break even in business,you need a minimum of 1M.Anything less is just draining your cash into Ruai Sewer

If you are in a place that has trees buy two power saws, that’ll be less than 200k. Hiring out one is 1k a day.

Good advise :sweat_smile:. Kwanza he can wait for next weekend when leagues are back… stake 50k on 3 odds pale 1xbet na zero tax :joy:

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