What became of Pastor Nganga's case?

Kenyans easily forget. Something happens, people raise hell on social media, protests in town, media houses do half baked expose’s, politicians react, the accused is arrested. The case is heard in a court room full of cameras and then the case is adjourned by 2-3 months. After some time, regardless of the gravity of the crime committed, the whole thing dies down, the accused walks a free man/woman and even runs for public office. In most cases we never know the outcome of the case while in other cases we hear that the “case was thrown out” for some reason and sometimes we don’t get the reason at all. This has happened enough times. Remember the Nyamakima building collapse, Kethi Kilonzo, Kabogo-Keino case etc.

As a country, I believe that if we followed these cases closely and kept them in the public domain we would have less corruption and other crimes. This is the way they do it in much of the developed world. For instance up to today, people still ask questions and petition the government on matters relating to 9/11 (15 years ago) and don’t forget about the Hillsborogh disaster in the UK where the police tried to bury their involvement but pressure from the public for 27 years eventually paid off. The problem is not the judiciary or the media, the problem is us the society we do not reward incompetence and thanks to deadly concoction of tribalism and corruption, this is not about to end.

Personally I was drawn to the Pastor Nganga case largely because of the circumstances surrounding the case. I was interested in the way He was adamant that he was not at the scene of the accident nor at any police station that day. Then came Inspector General’s claim that supported Pastor Nganga’s story. The guy was arrested, his case heard and consistent with the script the case was adjourned by 2 months to September 2015. The last time I heard about Pastor Nganga was when his house was robbed and then I read an article that the Judge in his case had denied the state’s application to have him have a DNA test. Nothing since. So what became of Republic of Kenya vs Pastor Nganga? I am sure there must be a villager who works with or close with the media or the judiciary.




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[FONT=Courier New]kai muhunjia uyu ariaga kagondu kega ta ki ma Ngai?
hii yako ni ugonjwa

you cant sell papers or gain ratings with old news, the motto is

  1. grab something new/scandalous
  2. extra sensationalize it,
  3. sell papers or increase ratings
  4. move to the next scandal

put this in a cyclic timer and you will understand both the mainstream and social media

If your relative was killed in such circumstances, would you forget about it because people or the media don’t address the issue anymore?

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@Jirani, please, hata kama ni utani, wakati mwingine avoid some comments, joh!

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i would probably be in some jailhouse somewhere because i would have taken matters in my own hands.

Hana uýu…ùka ùdiè

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It might as well be your mother, sister or relative think about that…

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aki ya u?, tiga itheru?

cheza chini…wewe ndo umefanya io comment ika deletiwa mseh

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Kenya’s way of life. The mighty are soon forgotten and watu hivi hivi wajipange

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My sincere aplogy!

What happened to kethi kilonzo case? Ng’ang’a will have a rough time with his case, since it involved even corruption to obstruct justice. Huyu mwishoye atafungwa. This happens when a pastor uses God name to enrich himself. Same thing happened to kanyari, wahome and the new ones coming up, they will all die paupers

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some cases are also settled out of court. Victims or witnesses paid off or threatened. Also, some in Kenya’s judiciary system are concluded “conclusively”! It’s not all doom and gloom.

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tuma details inbox;):slight_smile:

[SIZE=1]utakamuliwa ushangae[/SIZE]

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mbicha ya dead pastor.


Prophet of doom wacha hizo