What assholish thing do you regularly do?

Me when I get in a mat I usually look for the seemingly most beautiful mbich, you know these slay queens with the make up who feel they don’t belong there. I sit next to them and wait for safari ianze. After kitu 5 minutes for absolutely no reason I look for an empty seat nearby and move positions.

Not because am alighting but just to poke holes in the mbitch self confidence. I enjoy thinking that for the rest of the day she will be pulling out her hair as to why I changed seats. I don’t know why I do it I call it ‘pull a mbich to the ground’ :D. It’s a very stupid thing msini judge.

:D:D:D:D:D…ZEFUCK!!!ati pull the bitch to the ground<

i enjoy wanking while hearing my neighour f22k his wife

i usually have this netcut app on my phone nikiingia kwa public wifi i block every one net inabaki ni mimi peke yangu natumia, then unaskia watu wanaanza kuulizana net yako infanya

Hihihihi does it need a complex operating system? If not info on the app please.

you just need a rooted phone lakini usitese watu saaana https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.arcai.netcut&hl=en

Haki broken english huwa hainijaz. Si tuongee tu kiswahili

Your penis is small :D:D

:D:D some “extra” pilipili kwa food

  1. What on God’s green earth makes you think that the female would agonise over you changing seats?
  2. Are you saying you can read minds?
  3. I am not a white knight, but have you for a second considered that she may be left thinking “good riddance, my nose has never suffered a nastier attack by smelly armpits!!” I am just saying. Don’t judge me.

Nikiwa kwa bus, I normally stare people on the ground eye to eye just to see their reaction! I once stared down shix kapienga, hahaha, I almost laughed out loud

Boss, you are peasantry personified.

Just sayin’.

If I’m sitted in a mat next to some beauty and she won’t get off the phone I go like “hehee hebu scroll juu kidogo”. Hiyo simu inasundwa kwa handbag na tunalala.

napenda sana kublock watu wa mat wakitaka ku-overlap…they hate it but I always make sure sijawaachia enough space…cant aid in breaking the law

Acha kuwa hater bro,waaato_O


Ngai Baba!


I think it’s out of low self esteem that OP does that because he feels that he has in a way brought her down and she won’t feel so good about herself…the sad part is that probably the ladies don’t even notice it or they feel relieved.

Si hapo huwa unatupiwa matusi kama yote na kange?

Hehe…kuna mat ili overlap pale school lane a few years back ikakutana na gari ya mzunye and you know those guys yani you would rather fuck his wife than overlap. Hao ujam sana. Alikuja karibu bumper ziguszane. Dere wa mat akirudi nyuma ndio aweze kuswerve arudi lane yake, mzunye anakuja mbele. Ilibidi dere na makanga washuke watafute boulder kubwa wakaweka mbele ya gari ya mzunye waka reverse na wakaishia wakamwacha hapo ameshindwa atatoa boulder aje na saa hiyo kuna jam nyuma hawes reverse. I have never see a man so red