What Are Your Sexual Fantasies

My all-time sexual fantasy;
Shagging a widow on top of her husband’s grave a night after his interment.

This is just for the thrill of knowing her husband is watching but can’t do a thing about it.
Sadly, the closest I’ve gotten to this is shagging a widow at her husband’s service of songs.

So you want to be watched…is that it?

Admin unasumbua

My sexual fantasy is just to have sex.


Wacha upuus

You can do that in some parts of Luo nyanza

Kijana … check yaself. Unatombea maiti … U think they give a fuck.

Wacha niseme yangu unaona ile inaitwa Gloryhole pahali mtu huingiza deek kwa shimo halafu unatomba an unknown female that’s my fantasy.
2.fucking a tranny and no I’m not gay

:D:D yangu the nigga was alive. I visited his kunguru wife and she put on a video ya wedding yake niwatch.

She sucked my deek ikiendelea and then smashed her hapo tu kwa sofa ikifikia ile part wanavalishana pete.

The shit I have done makes me fear marriage.

Ata mimi hii ya tranny. Wanakaanga very cool

You would make a good jakowiny.

African Sexualities: A Reader
Sylvia Tamale — 2011 · Social Science
The cleansing is done by an outsider to the clan called a jakowiny, who sexually cleanses the widow before she can be ‘inherited’.

A juvenile mafwi tucker tucker homosexual thread

lol wtf

My ex alikuwa tranny, they are the best. Never a dull day

For real?

Yeah alikuwa mtaita , nice breast and slim body

Lakini midway through ukikumbuka unakoroga sewage ya ndume mwenzako haukuskia kutapika?


Hes a cuckold

Ni ushoga wacha ku sugarcoat ghaseer. Sasa ndume iko na matiti na nywele ya kike si ndume tena?