What are your predictions for the BBI ruling this Friday the 20th of August?

Reggae will proceed mdau.

BIBIYAI inapita. The Judgment of the high court will bi ovatand by the coat of appeals.

Then we proceed to the supreme coat, referendum itafanywa lini considering SC ruling will be in January?

BBI will proceed

Of course BBI will fail (as expected)! God will never let the evil few to mutilate and destroy our beautiful constitution and for their selfish goals. Kenyan patriots will triumph and the two evil brothers will be ashamed, once more!

With the talk of nexy year’s elections and coalitions, BBI wont be given any room to flourish


Waiting patiently.

kitu ilishazikwa kesho ni formality tu

There’s miles of difference between a President and a Deputy President, big will always fcuk small… remember this.