What are your main goal in life?

Wananchi, what are your main goals in life?

Mine is to:
[li]Have enough money so I don’t have to worry about retirement[/li][li]Have a house that is paid off[/li][li]Have friends who care about me as I care about them[/li][li]Have 3 kiddos with a good woman[/li][li]Have a vitz[/li][/ol]

to get rich or die trying

how much money would you like to have to consider yourself rich?


Shillings? or cents?

To live a happy contented life. This journey called life is a short one so I want to enjoy it while it lasts.


Bana, that’s unlikely to happen. Even Apple and Amazon have just hit a trillion USD.

to own a ranch na niweke zile ngombe za museveni…

umeona maribe

aim for the stars and you might reach to the moon

Have $100M Assets under Management, a weekly salary of $100k, great relationships and impact a +million people.

mimi 30 DNA proven kids wakiland na wote wafike 18 years am done and dusted .

1.Money, 2. Sex. 3. Contribute to a better future

To be a dollar mbirrionaire

My two cents:

Great start. Unfortunately all those things are about “having.” As you get past thirty it will quickly dawn on you that having those things quickly becomes old news to you.

More important than the state of “having”, please strive to move your thoughts further to state of “being.” It sounds like semantics but it is an important distinction. You can “have” all that shit and much more and “be” in a very shitty state yourself.

So please go back and ask yourself (rather than “having” three kids;):wink: )your state of “being” as a father, how do you see that making you happy? eg: What aspects of “being” a father brings you joy etc? The smile on your kids face, what role has your state of being contributed to it? etc…endless examples…

Mungich, yako tunajua nikutoa hio perpetual dry spell. Your dreams are valid.

swanschieth tulia

Kumbe uko wisdomous kimpango