What are you watching

How do these people survive






Cartoon on KTN


highway through hell, hawa wasee hunukisha kitunguu aki.


rewatching Blue Planet 2 na Human Planet

Val Valentino akiuza wenzake


Big cock lady boys

Some kids movie on HBO

Paint drying on a shaded wall.

Watching Atlantis with my kiddo

Royal media Thanksgiving on citizen. The most boring event of 2017

Rewatching Friends, just because I can.


played this mission and its the best fun in a long time from cod and am sure the rest of the game is gonna be shit. @Deorro @slevyn they did justice to this game no doubt…too bad they played their best card early wait for the next battlefield and this will look like a boys game this stage was badly done…how can a tank gameplay be this restricted and boring and the Ai


anyways lemme finish my smoke break and finish hill49whatever…close to the end am just ain got the time to upload my gameplay to an account niggas won’t get me with …but all in all good attempt but not gone cut it in the long run…battlefield in this era is gonna kill it[ATTACH=full]148055[/ATTACH]you know that right
and this was bullshit …went round taking guns and shit had an MG42 with two clips full awhen opening this door…I swear i hated this kid i laughed when her sister died…was like thats what you get bitch…I hate dumb kids in games its like a trigger mechanism…tell me a kid is lost cuz of some shit and i have to because of a toy…felt like slapping the sister when i gave the baby back…


@Deorro this the cod bullshit you like lost all my shit and had to walk around carrying a baby

kwa hivyo ulipayuka before even trying it

jumanji…boring jumanji.

I said it then that I hadn’t played it…I play cod na battlefield during xmas week when shit inabo kwa tv…Although this time so much was happening but nilimada hii Monday the stupid epilogue…Which was a stupid…And was right…1 plane mission…1 tank mission…Like shit that plane mission was a joke…You don even get to use it on ground targets kabisa…Atleast in bf1 their was the anti tank segment the. Taking down the Zeppelin’s…Boss COD will always be weak…kwanza jana was given a dope game you should try…Gusa shadow warrior 2 … How it passed under myradar will never know …But never had so much fun in a while and am a digital revolver fun…Wait for world war 2 ya battlefield …imagine the bf1 or bad company mao size with world war 2 stuff…won’t be in these fucking small maps …This game sucks man …

cinema ama Camera copy?