What are you listening to now?....chill out sato/roadtrip collection

so for some reason(unknown to me),leo my chill out selection ni ya country:
chris lane-i dont know about you
Morgan wallen-whiskey glasses
Thomas Rhet-Look what God gave her
Rodney Atkins-caught up in the country
Mitchell tenpeny-drunk me
Kassi aston-violins
Maddie and tie-die from a broken heart
Abby anderson-make him wait
Sophia scott-she aint me
Katelyn Tarver-you dont know
Natalie taylor-come to this

Me and you both. I am listening to:

John Denver
Kenny Rogers
Don Williams
Dolly Parton

Country music is amazing.



Don william_ senorita
Don williams_ gentleman’s wife
Kenny Rodgers _gambler…

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