What are you currently watching....................peaky blinders!

As we approach the weekend you can try this series if crime and mafia themes are your thing …I loved it coz it is modeled around life after the military ! If you loved the sopranos and the boardwalk empire you will definitely love this one, the plot takes awhile to pick so be patient and just like all other Netflix series they dont drop weekly episodes but a whole season …sahi iko season 4! it can be easily downloaded in the index in your preferred resolution quality and size ! no bulshit click baits or fuckin adverts


speakin of which ozark season 2 is about to land!


Ozark Season 2 is out.
For about a month now

My feelers must be off anyway thanks for clarifying

Whatever Works by Woody Allen.

You won’t regret it, I promise you. It’s also on Netflix.

Watch Get Shorty. Has a very Breaking Bad kind of vibe though a different story all together. Also watching ballers and Shameless

13 reasons why

I’m rewatching Metalocalypse.


Im listening to Lil Uzi New Patek


Smile emoji

Money heist/la casa de papel.
Now I’ve Bella ciao stuck in my head

13 reasons why season 2
Family Guy season 17
And a few weeks ago I finished watching Cobra Kai.

If you loved these series watch “Babylon Berlin” . You will be obcessed. It’s also centered on life after the military.