What are we?

Ninjas, warriors and samurais, how do you answer this tricky question that every man dreads? Ladies, why do you like asking this question? Sometimes it’s easier to dodge bullets than these questions

It’s only a season but puberty is such a biatch.

man ukijaribu to understand what women mean utauumia bure

Never sweat it out. You’re the sole decider of what you want/don’t want

Q: “What are we?”
A: Nothing but mammals, so let’s do it like they do it on the Discovery Channel.

@MI6 the total age of the above four gentlemen is 234.25 years.
Experience in handling/understanding women? 0 years.

Wacha kujisumbua kijana. Let life happen.

Never been asked such silly kweschons.If you pipe her right she’ll get in a relationship w/out your permission…beta males kama wewe ndio mnauliwa swali za upuss kama hizo