What are they talking about in this thread?



Two things that are mutually exclusive here:

  1. Someone is being stupid and is shitting where they eat.
  2. Someone has cast a net and is eager to catch some stupid thief.
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Nice try DCI.

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As an accomplished cyber security expert. I am 100% sure scenario two is the most probable explanation.

Hakuna kitu dark web and it’s 90% scammers and 10% demented souls who go there to access gore and CP. Let nobody lie to you that you would get free money on the dark web. If you want free money, learn a skill or join politics @Sambamba highlighted it. Also the more you conduct frauds using PayPal, the more you get closer to getting banned completely like Nigerians.

Huyu ni scammer anauza hio link 8k… Look at his bots purporting to have made money on the site…
Watu wa carding hawakuangi open hivyo