what are the qualifications of a cyton/hass real estate analyst?

-They are usually young women
-All media rely on their divine presentations
-Does KNBS do these statistics… Cytone and Hass are real estate investors, they seem to have vested interests?

  1. Open legs.
  2. Yellow thighs.
  3. Readily available (to wakuMbwa) puthy

They are muslims with very high morals.

You pig shouldnt paint everyone with your brush

could you by any chance have the no.for that business development manager for Hass I talk real estate with her?
mcoosh in advance.

It’s reliable to get it from the horses’ mouths…they are the horses in the real estate industry

The fact that they are Muslims doesn’t change a thing… That has got to be the most senseless and baseless rationalization I ever came across