What are the chances?

I made a mistake, I fucked raw and didn’t take peps.

-she’s luo with perfect ass and body and pretty face
-education level form 4
-ghetto girl
-marijuana user
-22 years old
-by her own admission she’s had multiple relationships (including Nigerians) and has never used a condom (it makes her vagina itchy according to her)
-currently in a cohabiting relationship

Based on the above, my question is what are the chances I touched a live wire?

Luwere Nyasaye akhulinde,


I should buy shares in those Indian pharmaceutical companies, wamepata mteja for life

Enyewe it’s the luo bit that carries the day.

List of beneficiaries iko chonjo?

Si muende tu test mara moja…
Lakini ghetto girl na relationship history ndio ngori. Anyway, it also depends hao fuck mate zake ni marika zake ama over 30’s.
Enda test…


Hata ungeleta sketch ya live wire bana

You missed the point by a kilometer or so.

You’ve attained VE status

You know the drill

sketch/mbicha or it never happened

write your will but hauna kakitu andika tu kwa paperbag

Very slim unless you got scars, cuts, wounds or some sort of opening yenye virusi ilipenya.
Enda tu VCT ujuange mapema.
Lakini si mwisho wa maisha, “ni ugonjwa Tu kama malaria” :D:D

Madam wanachoma wapendi kutumia cd, but they are expert in sucking dicks and riding you to Valhalla.

Wewe ata sio ugonjwa itakumaliza… post nut is doing a number on you. And it wasn’t mistake you had the option of walking away.

You are lucky but don’t repeat such a risky behavior

Ghetto girl who has never used condoms!!!Luwere zae.

Form 4 leaver na DF zinaingiana wapi

Another person who can’t control dopamine and oxytocin rush.

In your question lies the answer.