What are some tips to creating a healthy sleeping culture?

Am finding myself sleeping so late nowadays even when I have to wake up early. Imekuwa hujuma kweli. 12 am imekuwa the new 9pm. My goal by the end of October is to sleep by 10 pm every day. How can I go about achieving this? Sleeping beauties saidieni.

Read about sleep hygiene

Kiambia apo dr mattress you will be surprised how much you mattress contributes to your lack of sleep…

A hot shower before you sleep helps you relax which is essential to a good night sleep.

Also eat your last meal early, by 7pm. It induces sleep by that 10pm. Learn to void your mind of work usiku.


if you also use your phone just before sleeping, it will affect your sleep

If you want to sleep by 10 get into bed before 10.
It’s that simple.

Kula mapema
Fuck your bitch
Ingia kwa kitanda before 10
No technology kwa kitanda
After 3 days mwili itazoea

Add a 1hr plus, workout session to your day… Early morning or in the evening…
You’ll be struggling to stay awake past 8pm

To Add to this; MAKE SURE ITS HIGH INTESITY. Can do 100 Burpees, free squats,Push ups and Knee Jumps.

Take a cold shower there after, alafu kuja ambia sisi kuliendaje.

It’s very simple, you’d be surprised. Just go to bed on time with no phone by your side.

stay awake 4the 1st 24 hours then sleep for another 24 the internal clock corrects itself BEWARE!!!lack of sleep can be fatal



Hii advice yote ikikataa jaribu White Noise apps. Hizi natumianga kuconcentrate nikisoma kitu juu unakuanga dunia yako. Unaweza set noise ya mvua ama other relaxing sounds ili ulale.