What are some mind-blowings & weird facts about Kenya

I’m talking about things like these:

[li]The World’s Oldest primary school pupil hailed from Kenya (Kimani Maruge).[/li][li]The First African Woman Nobel Peace Prize Winner (Wangari Maathai)[/li][li]Home to the only capital city with a national park in the world (Nairobi National Park)[/li][/ul]

• Country with the most stupid politicians
• country with the most drunk president

The home to the only le generali king of posting @digi himself

These are definitely NOT weird facts!

These are weird facts!

A country whose voters don’t stand or believe in anything,but strangely enough,blame politician for the same

For instance,go to former TNA social media activists…read their posts and comments between 2013-2018

And compare the same with today…utashangaa

Back then,they blamed CORD of being perennial complainers who saw nothing good with uhuru

The same TNA guys are now perennial complainers who see nothing good with uhuru

Uhuru is a drunk, thats a fun fact

Where citizens elect the most corrupt people and then expect heaven.


Kuna prezzo that was called Boris Yeltsin. When it came to the bottle, huyo alikuwa noma.

True Boris was even staggering even in state functions. His closest competitor could be current EU president JC Juncker, he attended a NATO summit totally inebriated. He had to be supported by other presidents, kina Merkel to stand straight :smiley:

Hahahaha. Alcohol addicts

There was a time alienda States alafu he pinched a lady’s bottom. The said lady was a protocol officer and she was in the welcoming party at the airport.

This is the face of what you see first in Kenya… :stuck_out_tongue:

how much do you think she was paid… :wink:


Lukenya Assistant County Commissioner Elizabeth Karitu arrested for allegedly losing national exams container keys. ‬ :D:D:D