what a time to be alive

" Some former inner-core leaders of the now defunct United Republican Party (URP) and strong supporters of Deputy President William Ruto in North Rift have decamped to NASA in what is likely to jeopardise Jubilee’s strength in the region.
The leaders including former Jubilee Party director and URP Chief Executive Officer (CEO) David Koech, Chesumei MP Elijah Lagat, former MPs Peris Simam (Eldoret South), Stephen Tarus (Emgwen), Jesse Maiz (Eldoret South), John Cheruiyot (Aldai) and a former Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) director Judith Cheptoo Koskei now say they will rally behind NASA and its presidential candidate Raila Odinga"


10 Million strong it is!!

i was almost uploading this topic…mambo yana badilika/jubilee tawe/bindu bichenjanga


I was about to say the same thing.
Simam and hubby expected some political assistance but it never came forth.
They suffered for their corrupt actions.
When this never came, it was obvious what was going to happen.
David Koech is a spent force.
However the rest of the youngins might have something up their sleeve.

Just a quick question:
When leaders decamp to other parties do you expect voters also to decamp?

they are as significant as onyango oloo! Anybody who is anything is already in Jubilee or Naswa.

more famous and important people have left their parties, David musila(wiper chaiman) Johnston muthama (financier-wiper) etc,


We expect each to decamp with his family coz one vote makes alot of difference

we asked ourselves the same question when ruto joined forces with uhuru and at the end of the day we learnt

Kenya/IEBC is not justified why it orders for printing of 120 million ballot papers when the registered voters is 18.5 million. When multiplied by 6, 19 million translates to 114 million. What’s the need then for over 6 million extra ballot papers? IEBC is determined to rig in Uhuru before the elections and this is totally unacceptable.
In 2013, extra ballot papers that were marked (not by voters) were intercepted at KENYATTA UNIVERSITY and IEBC refused to come clear on the same.
By NASA having #10MillionStrength, JUBILEE is worried how it will manage to cover up and even garner 40%.
This is the only election where the number of votes will be 125% of the registered voters.
And #Mwerevu atapatikana.

and now u see it fit to compare Peris simam with Ruto; enyewe hii 10million strong inatafutwa!

The two situations don’t relate.

nimeona elijah lagat na stephen tarus both former mps in my constituency huko nyumbani, hao wanakuja pekee yao hawana pull yoyote

IEBC explained quite clearly that the said premarked ballot papers found at KU were the ones that had been used in the mock election earlier. but some people obviously choose to believe what they want if it serves their end…

There is a plan to corrupt the unique Digital Biometric signatures of voters in NASA areas and some on jubilee areas to facilitate Manual Identification and concequent ballot stuffing

10million ni bei ya unga ama?

@jaymoh …don’t count your chics yet… if jubilee decides to unleash euro bond on some of this vigeugeu politicians, esp eastern n western, am sure it can do more damage

Someone said here recently Koigi lost his 17 votes the moment he joined Naswa.

Arguing with mungich @jaymoh is just like 2peter 2:22 says