What a life ?

Could I be hurting a good woman ?
Two months ago, my wife grew cold towards me and incidentally so did our marital bed. She grew short of temper, chronically fatigued and always on her phone.
I vented here and asked for your advice suspecting that she might have been seeing another person. I followed the advice I thought most sensible. To withdraw attention from her. To rebuild myself, to redesign my whole self and concentrate on making my life better and have a woman who would comfort me out there.
I am still astonished at how married men attract these lasses. It was like they were out there waiting for me.
Now it seemed to be working. My wife’s attention came back from wherever she had sent it. She literary asked me, "Babe, siku hizi hutaki nunu, ama you are getting it from elsewhere ? Needless to say, she fucked like she was on a three year dry spell. This kinda rolled back to normal. But not quite. I had already established a creek of side chicks whose panties were always on their heads for me.
Now what gave me a wake up call two weeks ago when I had seven different offers for one weekend. I felt like a man whore, especially when my wife got wind of it but couldn’t confirm. I can’t look at her straight in the eyes. Especially when I am from screwing one of the girls. Guys, do not take me for a sissy, I screw and I dont feel an iota of guilt, but of late, thinking of how good she has become. How wifely she is acting, I just feel like I am hurting a good woman. Is there a come back from what I have gotten myself into ?

Hii ujinga pelekea Dr Kitoto ama aunt Tabby, takataka ya Kayole

Ask Dr.love si hapa

she was getting dicked elsewhere but when you withdrew your attention and she sensed competition, she got on her best behavior to win you back.

wacha umalaya

Ngiteeee tiga úmarayâ

Kujenga nyumba ndo kazi … kubomoa sio issue. Tafakari hayo

…and they lived happily ever after THE END(hii story yote ni novel ama

I think attitude from your bitch is not a reflection on her, it is a reflection of you vis a vis her. If your bitch gives you attitude, she probably thinks you are shit, and she is usually right. You are crap. You cannot fix that. Once a woman puts you in the shit box, there is no undoing it. There is only her pretending to have undone it. In such a case a man may keep the wife, but I think he might as well look for a woman out there.

kama hukua fisi in your campo days then stopping your vice will be close to impossible ,food ya nje inakuanga tamu sana

take this to the bank, you are the problem…

Wanawake ni wale wale. Today she’ll be cool, kesho akuite doggy

Or possibly she got dumped by the side dude. Chicks don’t play. They are always two steps ahead.

Ever heard of the saying women are the conquerors in all relationships even when men claim credit sometimes? :cool:

Yeah, this is more like it. Some alpha dude was in the picture and she was working towards dumping OPs sorry ass but when alpha dude fucked and dumped her, she went back to the OP

She no longer your wife , u downgraded ! vumilia huko .

This is extremely true…atta boy!

SANY may disagree. :D:D:D

Lord, you guys are blunt.

Sanny was Coming your way ikaisha mafuta kaa ridho…

Hii tabia ndio inafanya ukimwi isiishe