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takataka ya ruai sewarage

Perhaps it’s because no one wants to marry her. See how every man she dates, it always ends with her trying to bring them down completely. Otile brown and brown mauzo


Or perhaps the weaklings were Intimidated…


Who’s that? Swali tu na anafanyanga nini hasa

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I encountered one, a very close family friend since we were kids. Feminazi sugu. She inherited a good fortune from her late parents alongside her siblings, travelled the world, ate and drank all elite stuffs, but had that deep hatred for men including her blood brothers until recently when she hit 47 years, childless and in several failed hit and dump relationship which made her more toxic and bitter.

She recently created a WhatsApp group where we can bond and visit each other on a fixed rotational basis but none commented on it since we all know her irreversible irritating attitude. I exited the group the same day in the evening.

She is loaded crazily but no family want to associate with her in any way, especially polygamists.


Nothing like that, Ms shikwekwe is toxic as fcuk. Kuchomea ma boys after wamekosana, what happened to accept and move on peacefully after breakup? Mara ohh hajui kudinyana, sijui hana kakitu, sijui Benz yake nilichangia ku buy. Yet they dated for years

One of the big failings of social media is how it gave whores such a big platform to be influential


I dont think there is any normal man who would want anything to do with this woman

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Wacha akule mali yake pole pole, this single child free women can live up to 100 years, mwili bado ni Baru Baru plus she has nothing to stress her, she will have the last laugh after coming to y’alls funerals after y’all exit her WhatsApp group. LOL. This world is full of paradoxes. Mutazikwa nyinyi woooote mumuache hapa na upweke na bitterness zake. Btw it seems like hata wewe uko bitter sana na yeye, did she refuse to give you money?

Even as a feminazi there come a time when you realise the world’s problems including the toxic patriarchy and toxic exes what you call hit and run relationships are not your problem and you realise that life is actually quite peaceful and pleasant when you live YOUR life and stop bothering with people’s opinions and lifestyle choices. Like me I used to love hizo channels za kubash chimpanzees siku hizi I am like is this all these people can discuss, I don’t need this toxicity in my space. Ata relax tuu na awasahau ata nyinyi who feel like they are doing her a favour by being in her WhatsApp group.

That said, I must advise you to face the real cause of your bitchy attitude towards women and especially single women, single mothers and the like, there’s something the trouble in your life which is giving you angst that you project to women. Look! I have some terrible relatives, some are even in jail for murder, but you will never catch me dead speaking ill of them, let alone to strangers. Deal with the source of your angst, what has this woman ever done to you, to deserve such contempt? I pity those who relate to you, who are not your relatives, if this is how you can talk about your blood relations who have never wronged you in any way.

Kibe alisema any woman who is not married has ever been proposed to including Pritty Vishi. Mwenye ako singo ni kukataa alikataa wanaume si eti alikosa mtu wa kumuoa. Na anapenda wanaume brown. Mpaka mtoi ameitwa Asia Brown. Men nowadays majority wanataka tuu uwe na dough, if you do, they will overlook everything else including getting money from whatever the woman does for a living. Hii uchumi if you have money you can even have five husbands but ukiwa mchoyo unaskia machungu kulisha mwanaume itabidi ukae tuu singo coz hao wakutegemea wamama ndio wako. Some loaded wamama Wana date wanaume kaa ten Tena sio wanaume hivi hivi, the real pretty boys. But if you are like me ata kufuga paka huwezi inabidi tuu uwachane na wanaume ulee watoto ama ujilee.

She is NOT my relative, just a childhood family friend who chose her toxic path.

Unless the cause of singlemotherhood is death from a proven natural cause, i don’t associate with them in any way.

Oh. Damn. Why all this bile towards people who have chosen this toxic path? What is it to you? Why are you bitter about the path that other humans choose to take in THEIR lives?

I have come across murderers, alcoholics, sex workers and all sorts of people society considers vile but sijawahi skia hatred towards them after all their toxic decisions don’t affect my life in any way.

As you grow older you understand that you can’t change the world by being angry about what you don’t approve of in the world. Maturity is understanding that other people’s life choices really have nothing to do with you. For example as a Christian I should hate witchdoctors, moslems, geys and everyone who doesn’t hold the same values as I do but then even Jesus Himself used to associate with very sinful people so who am I to say that I will hold hate in my heart towards people who don’t live by the creed that I live by?

I used to be very judgemental when I was younger but Sijui ni uzee? Nowadays naishi tuu Maisha yangu ata kama we ni satanist nitakusalimia tuu and hope that you find God before it’s too late. Hii dunia si ya mtu my fren, don’t be so hard on people, you will hate singo mothers and then your daughter will become one, sasa Sijui kama utajiua ama ni yeye utaua. These singo mothers are just people like you and I, there’s nobody who has never made a mistake in life young man, hii kucondemn watu ati bcz they made a bad choice or many bad choices, is not your job ohhh. Sitting in judgement is the work of God sio ya binadamu amejaa madaifu. Utafika mbinguni ushangae hao singo mothers ndio wengi huko coz married women were busy sleeping with their bosses. Hii dunia si ya mtu kijana kanyanga pole pole and be humble wewe sio single father or single mother. Mungu amekuepusha na maovu mengi.

Mathew11 19

The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Look at him! A glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners

Yet wisdom is justified by her deeds.” Luke 7:35 says that “wisdom is justified by all her children.” Jesus makes the point that wisdom is not about a formulaic, legalistic approach to life, but loving God with heart, soul, mind, and strength, and loving other people .

Women are always bitter with men during their prime 30-40s. When they hit past 40s, they look around and see how settled their female friends are, it dawns at them that they’ll die a single woman with no man to be yelling at everyday in the morning. Depression quickly sets in.

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Depression is part of life. I don’t know why people look at it as something akin to cancer. Anytime life doesn’t go the way you thought it would go, you will get depressed. Sometimes even when it goes how you want it to be, you might still get depressed.

Let’s normalise depression and getting help for it when it comes into our lives. This stigma towards depression is why so many men are alcoholic and they are also committing suicide alot.

Do you know that even children suffer from mental disorders? A child can be depressed bcz of bullying or his/her parents divorce or toxic marriage. Kids who fail in KCPE killing themselves or their parents can’t afford fees. It’s all depression bcz life didn’t meet your expectations.

Women get depressed after giving birth - post partum depression sometimes it even becomes psychosis. So many women get depressed bcz of toxic marriage, you have seen women killing their children bcz of depression from relationship stress.

So I don’t understand why we have to stigmatize people for having depression. Even positive shifts like moving abroad for a better life has people depressed, we call it homesick.

Settling is neither here nor there. You can feel settled if you have some kind of community, you have money to take care of yourself, you have people who care about you, you have a good strong relationship with God. We can’t all be the same and follow the same trajectory in life. Everyone is on their own journey.

I have been following a support group for women who have lost their adult children especially in tragic circumstances and I realised that majority are permanently on antidepressants bcz they can’t come to terms with losing their children who were their life, their reason for living. Some are like why should I work, what am I working for, my kids who were my everything are dead. I was like surely your life has no more value bcz you lost your kids, like where did such a mindset come from that your entire identity is defined by something outside yourself.

Anyway, settlement is in heaven, hapa duniani, nobody is sure of tomorrow. I have seen enough to tell you that if there’s a place where you can’t have a sense of security, it is in this world. I’ve seen people I was in uni with lose their entire family in Rwanda genocide, I’ve seen kids who parents put everything in become junkies, I’ve seen beloved husbands go to jail for murder Yaani this world can be very precarious and unpredictable place but if your identity is in God who is immutable you can have peace that surpasses human understanding. Even if everything is taken away from you.

You can imagine being very settled on earth hadi you even became an international icon in the world’s hall of fame like Kiptum or a president like Ruto ukikufa you find yourself in hell with all the low lifes wakina Wacucu and Wanugu.

Siku hizi I don’t judge anyone or be like I’m better than them bcz I am not like them, I don’t have the problems they have. I’m not an alcoholic or I don’t do drugs like them. I’m more settled than them etc. All it takes is a day for things to change. I have learnt humility from others. You mock people who don’t or can’t have kids, kesho kutwa accident wako anakufa. I’ve seen it in real life.

Maisha ya watu achana nayo, you are not God and in your settlement you don’t know what awaits you tomorrow. You just thank your God, you are settled, He gave you a good spouse, He gave you righteous children bcz at times it’s not even your effort but just God’s favor.

Some women are in very difficult marriages if yours is peaceful thank God and be humble , one time an older lady with adult kids who used to drive a cab, I was her customer especially at night, I don’t use male cab drivers for security, when she was about to drop me, she broke down and wept bitterly, I had to comfort her bcz her husband had another family he’d hidden and she was old, surely at her age, she didn’t deserve that kind of pain. She should have been settled. But such is life. Wengine they have everything. No health, cancer for years.

I think it’s when you don’t appreciate the many good things God blessed you with instead you are only focusing on what you don’t have that you get depressed. Let’s not condemn people bcz ya kesho hatujui. You are settled on earth ukikufa you are no longer settled umeenda hell. Hii life ni complicated sana. Don’t gloat.