“Wewe mzee nyamaza ama tukuweke ndani",one officer barked-out as he demand bribe from his boss, IG Hilary Mutyambai oblivious of his identity

Two traffic officers posted in Machakos County, were on Monday, September 30, handed their marching orders over an incident involving Police Inspector General (IG), Hillary Mutyambai.

Reports by NTV revealed that the two officers, while manning a checkpoint in Wamunyu - along the Machakos-Kitui Road, stopped a taxi IG Mutyambai had hired as he made his way to his rural home.

One of the officers then started to harass the cab driver, prompting Mutyambai to intervene.

However, the second officer quickly closed in on Mutyambai and ordered him to keep quiet and mind his business, or they’d arrest him.

Wewe mzee nyamaza ama tukuweke ndani, loosely translating to, “Keep quiet or we’ll arrest you,” one of the officers barked out.

The two junior officers failed to recognize their commander, as he was dressed in civilian clothes.

Mutyambai then decided to play the role of a helpless passenger and…READ MORE

I’m not boarding.

ebu explain it… you mean he hired a taxi to drive him to his rural place???ama taxi ni yake?? ama ni kukunwona mbecha??

Click bait nakataa

Hii ni upuss, DG has official cars and drivers.

doesn’t sound real but if it were and mimi nikue uyo dere and i know who my passenger is,ningetoa sakamsido niwakojolee

You are too broke to fathom the idea that someone can actually afford to hire a taxi from Nairobi to Kitui, to run his own personal errands without involving his official cars and official drivers. He also owns a personal car by a man of his stature.

Weh hesabu zako hurelvolve tu around mizinga ndio maana unareason hivyo, hiyo pesa ya fare afadhali upande mat ununue mizinga kadhaa ukifika:D:D:D

When you became a DG, you become an institution.

Gaaay!!! Bomoa kabisa.

Unajua wakamba wanaamini uchawi sana. Anatafuta means za kufika ushago bila kurogwa. Hata kuna MP fulani was huko alidrown akiwa kwa Toyota DX pamoja na some African scientists aka waganga.

What is so hard to fathom that he is a man and he has "things"to do? Look at that case in that scenario and you will understand why he was in a hired taxi and no one would recognise him

When you become an institution, there are many Do’s and Don’ts, and taking a taxi with no security is one of the Don’ts.
He ought to be grilled by security committee.

:D:D ati sakamsido? Si ina majina mingi hio nyama.

’ Sakamsido ', hii ni slang ya mid to late 80’s.

:D:D:D:D:D:D hio sweep ni ya mwaka .

Na was kisii there is a lady I know mwenye akienda kwao , anaenda usiku kuogopa uchawi .


hizi amdin hagich so cant censor

Sakamsido ilifwatwa na gani? Mimi najua za lical dialect which are too nasty even for the internet.