Weta loses seat


NASA is an illusion, they said.

Man Weta amechezewa shere

Nasa is dead and Wetangula knows it.

The opposition civil wars goes on at pace.

They are cannibalizing themselves. With RAT throwing away wets it shows he is not seeking the western votes anymore. Wets is the Bukusu opposition leader and Speaker Ken Lusaka is the Bukusu Jubilee Government leader. Now its seems RAT isn’t interested with that community vote again. Let’s see what’s madvd next move will be. Gov Oparanya has already said he is working with Government to promote development in Kakamega county. He will also vie for the Presidency in 2022 when his second and last term ends.



Serves him right. Meanwhile, DP Ruto is making serious inroads in Western Kenyan, just in case the House of Mumbi decides to misbahave.

Wiper, Ford K and ANC should have left NASA when ODM took all important posts in parliamentary committees, they would have looked strong and decisive, their support base would be firmly behind them. Saa hii wanatupwa nje like used tampons and they cant do nothing

I also noted this. Ruto is planning on using that voting block as insurance because the luhya community is almost as large as the Kikuyu block.

Ruto 2022 is just being confirmed with the opposition crumbling .Atleast hataiba pesa za campaign come 2022.

Hakuna mtu anachukia pesa, ataiba tu

The kind of deception RAO has shown NASA peeps needs to be documented. Waaaah you can’t make this shit up. Kalonzo has been left holding his dick alone.

Thieves and liars have no honors

Our kikuyu interests are SAFE with WSR.

Mind you the other politicians akina kalonzo etc have threatened our very existence so we cant dare betray Arap Migunda

Nyenze was right.
He was almost isolated for insisting the CORD Mou was still binding and should be respected.
RAT has pulled a fast one on the three junior principals once more.

[SIZE=5]The Speaker appears to have “suspended removal of Wetang’ula as Minority Leader”…
…says, he is convinced that the 16 Senators comprise a majority of the 27 Senators… BUT the onus to elect his replacement shouldn’t be a preserve of ODM, saying “the meeting that purported to elect a new Minority Leader for the Senate is the ODM Parliamentary Group, an organ of a constituent party of the NASA Coalition, which entity is unknown to this Senate, the requirements of the Standing Order 20(5) [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]have not been met.”
“accordingly, [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]the removal of Senator Moses Wetang’ula as Senate Minority Leader though valid, stands suspended and will not take effect unless and until a Senator has been elected by the NASA Coalition in the manner provided by Standing Order 20(1)”[/SIZE]

I’m sure he is avoiding to go home mapema for fear of Waceke. Waceke atamtandika proper

Politics is interesting, now wets direct rival at home Speaker Lusaka is the one saving him from opposition betrayal.

“Interesting times we live in” a ktalk retard proverb.

Wajaluo na ODM ni mangombe. Tumerudi jubilee na weta