Weta Kicked Out

NASWA senators have unanimously voted to replace Weta with Orengo…Naswa is cannibalising itself kabisa

Raila is evil… Dont urgue with me Pliiiiz…its world happiness day and i dont feel like i can argue with you

At base, we are all animals. Its biology

Those who don’t know Raila, well, there you go. He did the same thing to Ruto, to Saitoti, to Moi, to Kijana Wamalwa, to Kalonzo… You have to commend him though for his consistence.

He is loyal to himself and his family. Everyone else is expendable.

Wetamelon amejua hajui.

So sad, end of NASA. Increasingly NASA seems to be turning into a Luo affair with decorations like Jnr and Malala…I really sympathise na huyu Weta - whipped by Waceke at home and de-whipped at work by colleagues!

If Wetangula is smart enough , the doors for greater things have just been opened … together with Madvd and Kalonzo they can deliver their own thrashing that will last until 2022

He said the breakup will be messy and noisier

Hii ni upus

and just like that, the luos are becoming more lonely. still clinging on kambas though.

Joho and Kingi are wondering whether to revive Pwani si Kenya campaign because their fantasies of running for presidency are turning into nightmares right in front of their eyes. They’re watching what’s happening to Waceke’s drum and they know if it can happen to a NASA principal it can happen to them too.

Kalonzo is patiently waiting for baba to endorse h7m come 2022 ;):(;);)mkamba , mko lakini :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

But what is his end game expectation?

The 3 should soldier on, be people’s watch dog. Duke it out with Ruto in 2022, then make a post election pact with Ruto.

Raila is Gods gift to Kenya. Go dive at suswa.

Stop pretending that it was ever more than a JaKuonist outfit.

I totally support Railas actions. Wetangula has only 1 senator. himself. so he was working at the kings pleasure. now that its not possible, akanyage inje.

Hahahahahaha! ODM has 20 Senators, Wiper and ANC 3 each and Weta totally lost the races in his region to emerge sole rep in the house.

What would make anybody want to waste their vote on a trio that followed JaKuon blindly for 5 whole years?

Financial muscles brother is a big hindrance

It’s ODM dude, not the outfit you keep repeating.