People on the ground,

The apartments in these “leafy/concrete” locations going for 10-20M, are they selling and are they worth it?

Are expats paying 100k+ in rent for these apartments? Are people even buying them to live there when they’re in the city?

Anyone know anything about izi locations apartment wise and considerations when buying?


Sales are very slow. Rents have also come down thanks to the Chinese who are generally cheaper than za other developers. And there are very many empty units and water issues kibao


Even in Westlands? If sales are low, why are they still building? Why are they not lowering the selling price even further?

There are guys with the cash to build especially Somali and Chinese. Also you wouldn’t want to possess an empty plot in those areas in this era. otherwise utafanyiwa ile kitu. Westlands is abit better for rentals and Airbnb. I have seen a 1 bdr ya 350k banae

Most people are using them as Airbnb, there will always be people to buy them or rent for AirBnb.

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