Westland night life

Jimmy Wanjigi understands the political dynamics of this great Republic, he has everything it takes for him to become the President of the Republic of Kenya.[ATTACH=full]380046[/ATTACH]

Akanyal vote


He must be missing the point by a mile, his presence being felt in Westlands and other posh places around the city will take him no where.
Kama ni kura anataka , let him start with Eastlando, thika road, kwangware, kibra and such.

After paying for food and fees plus basic necessities, what is the purpose of money???

I ask this because that is what this neega think will endear him to the people

[SIZE=5]Look at all these pessimists in the comments.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Dream killers. Aspiration assassins. Enemies of progress. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Bear in mind 1JIGI has been active in politics and understands how the game is played. Besides, he is a saint vis-à-vis a fellow like WSR.[/SIZE]

niaje patricia

It’s like he’s vying for Nairobi governor and not president

[SIZE=5]Fiti Shantel.[/SIZE]

ngitey ìno

[SIZE=5]Cyka blyat.[/SIZE]

Remember his dad was a politician. So he is not as clueless as he seems.

Huyu ni kijana wa home guards who collaborated with the British to loot Kenya. Kibaki was a straight up hard worker who took Kenya far. Kina Wanjigi, Kenyattas etc are just thugs with nothing to offer the country. Same WhatsApp group

Lol @The ignorance in here. This ninja JW can NEVER be MP/senator/governor let alone president.

He should have gone for governor Nairobi position to gain political experience.

Kenyans do not elect political novices to the highest office. This is one of the issues that plagued Uhunye first attempt at the highest office.


He wants to pull a Donald Trump hapa vumbistan.

Westlands voters are in Kangemi. They don’t drink Hennessey in Kilimani nightclubs.

Migush nitumie Canadian dorra.

He should stick bankrolling election campaigns, not contest as a candidate.