Westinghouse 58" LED TV - 2160p - Smart - 4K UHD - HDR



This TV is being heavily advertised by MallForAfrica.

Looking at the specs and their quoted price, is it a great deal or nah?

Ununue ukam na hekaya

Which westinghouse is this? Is it a real westinghouse?
because the Westinghouse I know is on the same level as General Electric, Siemens, Phillips and the likes.

That’s a low price for a 58" UHD with roku. OK, here you be the judge.

IKR? What’s the catch?

Zingine even if we love cheap things better stay away

Honestly I also don’t know. Maybe not quality? But the cheapest quality smart UHDs for that screen size with roku are above 50k. 43" for around 40k.

Si tafuta tu consumer reviews online. Ukikosa duck and run straight.

Hii advert is a sponsored advert pale mukuru, and thats where cons have moved to. Juzi Juzi wameosha watu vizuri sana with a fake K-gas promotion promising to give you free gas, which requires you to register in some fake website, alafu utume registration sijui 150bob for 6kg gas cylinder na 250 for 13 kgs cylinder. That page was overflowing with comments mbaya mbovu, ndio nikaona yenyewe Kenyans are very gullible.

My Advice: RUN NIGGA, RUN!!! Hapa hakuna TV.

It shows $500 here. Hio ingine ni mwitu.


hii ni bei ya corona ama?

Hehe, as a business never lower your prices too much, otherwise customers think you’re trying to rip them off.

Westinghouse ni ya which country?

I see

My thoughts, exactly. The price just doesn’t add up!

admin ndo alibadilisha jina yako?:D:D

hiyo haikosi ni ya US market, huko ndio TV huwa zianauzwa bei ya jioni

Ata @Jesus Christ alibadilishiwa ikawa @Jehovah Wanyonyi :smiley: