Western wamesema ni Baba Tosha!


A lawmaker chants “Azimio” in a yUDA rally by mistake and the crowd gets elated. mUDAvadi na watu wake kaput!

Actually Mudavadi and Weta galvanized Raila’s support in western with their move as we speak. They also cemented their position as useless leaders who will never lead the mulembe nation ever again. Finally in a long time, we might witness western Kenya voting as a block since 2002. Ukienda ground ndio utajua hizi rally za UDA ni pesa tu watu wanaendea

True, am just from the village again, very hostile against UDA yet uda has been camping there

Saa hii all corners of western Kenya hawatambui mambo ya UDA. /ANC. Ruto better focus his energy elsewhere if I were him. Mudavadi will not deliver even his own MCA seat to UDA. Kisii, luo Nyanza, luhya land, ni za baba as we speak.
And to make matters worse, UDA think they have already bagged Mt Kenya. Uhuru is a very cunning fellow, people underestimate him, that useless mlevi, jayden mtoto wa single mama but that’s where his real strength lies… he’s waiting and waiting and waiting for the right time to throw his last card on the table. Hapo ndio mtajua one day in politics is a veeeery long time
It’s an uphill task. not insurmountable, for hustler if you ask me

Wacha ujinga. The Horse bolted the moment he said Yako kumi. You don’t ask a Kale to Run…he sober up on realizing that Bill has been doing pushups at the finish line before the race started. And how do you explain Jayden sponsoring Muguruki whose diapers are leaking. And his handlers are legally drunk on national TV Prime Time. Is this a comedy campaign?

I’m from western so I should know. So what exactly is your point, apart from the insults?

I from from Vihiga. What’s your next line.

Nikiona hapa watu wanapayuka ruto atashinda mimi nacheka tu… all the groundwork imefanyika for RAO to win…nahurumia watu sana

We shall see magaya, we shall see Norman magaya…

Are you implying “kutangulia sio kufika”?

Abba, minus popcorn mingi na busaa. Hii show ni mrefu sana. Not sure If your read comics as kid. Theme is consistent… Feeloo never dies, Ruto Has never lost an election. Bad guy ends in the same status…Raila ALWAYS goofs and loose every election. Uhuru has promised him Paradise which he doesn’t own.

Western is ODM damu, Ukambani is wiper damu. I told guys here mdvd can only deliver insignificant handful votes to UDA.

hahahaha,kenya will be the first country in the world to elect guka wa 80 years,really shithole

Ruto has never lost an election because he has never run for major office. MP peke. Hiyo Vp was him hanging on Uhurus coat. No first time candidate has ever won President in Kenya. Kibaki, Uhuru had to be baptized with loses before they could take it. So guess the next man standing in line.

Yea dude is now really old…
Kibaki was 71
Mandela was 75
Wade was 74
Biden was 78
Rao is 77

Tell us more!

Slip of the Tongue NOMA!!,

Hapa walijitomba na kidole

If Jirongo plays his cards right, he may re-emerge as a significant player in Luhyialand. He has now emerged to take Madvd and Wetas place in the anti-Ruto camp

His heart is in the right place… let him fend for his stomach…

Game changa. Waliambiwa kuna wakati wa kazi na siasa. Wacha bunge ivunjwe ruto will be relegated to a tribal chief.
Mudapati earthquake was an own Goal in the extra time of the golden goal rule. He is done and dusted the fat good for nothing committed political suicide.