Western media information power

Since 7th October, the number of people killed in Hamas/Israel war is less then 15k

Meanwhile in the same period 50k may have been killed/raped in what is going on in Congo right now.

Yet there is nothing whatsoever in mass media about whats happening in Congo.

Between Congo and Hamas/israel wars, vast majority of of African are fixated, following and taking sides on Hamas/israel war with totally no idea/information about what is happening in Congo

Congo war has always been caused mostly by Kagame and Museveni, at the behest of the west and the US and to their own benefit. We all know they sponsor those militia. But your average underinformed Kenyan has his mouth stuck deep in Kagame’s behind licking it clean so they are blind to the suffering he causes just across the border.

@chocolate boi:
congo issue is coused by the region leaders and most of wat is happening is not shown on the internet so its hard to track whats really on ground :thinking:


I agree but the news media doesn’t give us or show us these atrocities but thanks for yr concern this means we have to focus on our African issues


No publicity about what is going on in Congo. I wish the world should know what is going on there

@Mukhtar Mutawakil:

What u r saying is absolutely right, but let’s be frank most people don’t know about it, infact if not an hour ago or less, I never knew something lik

Stupid ferkers killed 2 truck drivers on thursday last week. Kenyan somali and a Congolese.

Majority of African heads of state that have publicly spoken and stated their countries stand about Hamas/Israel war have not done the same for the Congo war