Western Media Houses Don't Have Their Usual Pictures Of Dying Africans To Show Nonstop On Their TVs

Sick racist imprialists from USA and Europe have had tables turned. When Ebola was raving Africa in the middle of this decade that was all the news. Talking about the African disease now its their turn wanakufa kama mbwa koko

Hata picha ya humbwer Koko hakuna.

Don’t cross your fingers yet. We don’t know what will happen when the disease picks up in Africa in the next few weeks



Yesterday the US lost 1,049 people to the Coronavirus

:D:D:D:Dwho are the bonobos now??

They never give up. In norway and Sweden They are pointing out that the somalis as a group account for 20% of those infected.
«experts» are already on TV giving reasons why this is happening.


Let’s cross our fingers n hope for the better in africa for now.
They are surprised how we ain’t dieing …its like this pandemic was meant for us but seems like the virus had it’s own agenda…
Am wondering…what if, the virus broken out from Africa to the rest of the world?